Shelter SEO was founded by veteran search engine optimization (SEO) specialist and web marketing expert, Ross Dunn. Ross and his team of marketers work closely together to deliver tailored services designed specifically for the interior design community. Ross Dunn is the founder of StepForth Web Marketing (the parent company of ShelterSEO) and host of SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.FM, and his 17+ years of experience have given him the knowledge and know-how to deliver the quality results you deserve.

Shelter SEO has been created with the interior design industry in mind offering services and packages specifically selected and tailored to serve your industry. Interior Design websites have specific visual needs that other sites often do not require or utilize. Shelter SEO’s strategies and marketing efforts are adjusted to serve these special needs.

Why the Name ShelterSEO?

The idea was a brilliant suggestion from our friend and influencer Laurie Laizure who suggested it because the term “shelter” is used in the interior design industry as slang for home magazines; “shelter mags”. That went beautifully with what we felt was a key issue for interior designers; the need for rock solid SEO and web site marketing services.