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Guest Blogging: Stick a Fork In It; Expedia Paid Link Damage; Google Slams Paid Ads

Released Jan 22, 2014

Guest Blogging: Stick a fork in it – it’s done; Expedia Lost 25 Percent Of Their Search Visibility In Google Possibly Over Unnatural Links; Google slams paid ads – shows stats… in an… infographic?! Ross also discusses plans for marketing and how you should never under-budget.       Related articles across the web Matt Cutts: “Stick A Fork In It, Guest Blogging Is Done” Expedia Lost 25% Of Their Search Visibility In Google Possibly Over Un.

Bing Begins Supporting SSL Search; Google On Links Within Widgets

Released Jan 14, 2014

Bing Begins Supporting SSL Search – Query Data Does Not Pass [Not Provided]; 6 Major Google Changes Reveal the Future of SEO; Google Apologizes For Berlin Street Being Renamed “Adolf Hitler Platz” On Google Maps; Official: Google’s Latest Official Stance On Links Within Widgets; Why The Internet of Things just got real with Googles  3.2 billion dollar Nest buy Related articles across the web Google Apologizes For Berlin Street Being Renamed “Adolf Hitler Platz” On Google Maps.

Search Spammers and Duplicate Content

Released Dec 23, 2013
Google Reveals Top Searches of 2013: From Nelson Mandela to Twerking ;Google’s Matt Cutts On Search Spammers and how 25-30 percentOf The Web’s Content Is Duplicate Content and Thats Okay; Google Still Working On Promoting Subject-Specific Authorities In Search Results. Ross and John also answer listener questions on writing content  non-geographic specific to attract links or focus more on getting reviews, SERPS with Author Image and paginating comments. Related articles across the web Matt Cutts Explains How Duplicate Content Affects Rankings by @mattsouthern Google’s Matt Cutts: 25-30% Of The Web’s Content Is Duplicate Content & That’s Okay Google Has A Lot To Say About Duplicate Content These Days.

Website Bans, Funneling Traffic and a Listener Site Review

Released Dec 17, 2013

Talking  Website Bans, Funneling Traffic and a Listener Site Review as Ross  talks about diagnosing website bans, funneling traffic and finding the best ways to judge if your site requires a new navigation, plus Ross goes over  a couple of site reviews.

Anglo Rank: Another Private Link Network Foiled By The Cutts; Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Released Dec 09, 2013

Another Private Link network foiled by the Cutts as  Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, just confirmed on Twitter that Google has targeted another private link network named Anglo Rank. Plus, Different quality guidelines when results may be important for both your money and your life. Also, Matt Cutts talks this week about Duplicate Meta Descriptions: is essence, it is better to have none at all than duplicated tags.

Duplicate Meta Descriptions; Merchant Quality Chatters Spurns Google Zebra Rumor

Released Nov 19, 2013

Matt Cutts discusses duplicate Meta Descriptions , that in  essence, it is better to have none at all than duplicated. Plus merchant quality talks lead to the rumor of a Google Zebra update. Also, Ross and Scott answer a listener question regarding available resources that walk a client through what to expect in the SEO process, what it’ll be like, what they need to do and understand, and how to avoid hiring a bad SEO.

Image Mismatch Google Webmaster Tools Manual Action Penalty; Google Authorship, Custom Google+ URLs

Released Nov 12, 2013

Image Mismatch: The Latest Google Webmaster Tools Manual Action Penalty, plus Ross and John answer listener questions on Google Authorship, Custom Google+ URLs, linkbuilding, the Google Disavow tool and more.

Black Hat Hacking, Toolbar PageRank, Autocomplete, Authorship and Other Points from Matt Cutts PubCon 2013 Keynote

Released Oct 28, 2013

Points from Matt Cutts PubCon Keynote Speeches included Black Hat Hacking will be a core topic Googles web spam team will focus on. They hope to go after the hard core hacking tactics and reduce that impact on the search results. Child pornography will be blocked significantly in all countries, not just the US. Toolbar PageRank may or may not be fixed. The pipeline to export the quarterly data broke and Google has no immediate plans to fix it. Mobile is going to be a key area in 2014, so pay attention to it. Autocomplete, look to add request Autocomplete to your forms. Top Ad Heavy Algo will get refreshed in a big way, see the previous update over here. Authorship 15 percent Reduction – Google is going to get picky on who they show authorship rich snippets for. So dont be surprised if yours goes away, look for ways to make yourself more authoritative. This includes rich snippets for your site… Plus, Ross and John discuss a recent Search Engine Roundtable poll that asked Does A Manual Action Removal Impact Google Rankings? , as well as auditing issues.

Released Oct 21, 2013

Responsive Design Does Not Equal Ranking Boost; Google To Patent Physical Likes: Tied to Glass; John gives his thoughts on rel=next for ecommerce product lists; Google Launches Media Tools For Reporters and Journalists; SEO issues and Google Authorship.

Google Hummingbird Recap; Google Penguin 2.1 Turned More people into Google Haters.

Released Oct 08, 2013

Google Hummingbird Recap: Designed for faster results, semantic search…more focused on user intent rather than search terms, gives more reason to write naturally, and be less keyword driven. Google Penguin 2.1 Turned More People into Google Haters; Structured Data Provides Impressive Click Gains; Bing shows us 27 Things that Help and Hurt SEO.