Services A la Carte

Whether you are looking for a complete website renovation, website Inspection, customized training, or just need a little help marketing your business online, Shelter SEO offers a service to suit your needs.

Service: Website Inspection

After deconstructing your competitor’s web marketing techniques we need to become intimately aware of the current state of optimization for your website and where it needs to be improved for future marketing. Upon completion of this step we will have a significantly clearer picture of the current status of your website and another step closer to creating the ultimate Custom Web Strategy. Your website audit will effectively be a competitor analysis of your own website.

This website audit process will include Link Popularity Analysis and Audit, Search Engine friendly services, Website Analytics Review, Keyword Research, Competitive Comparative review, and Summary of Website Inspection.

Pricing: $1125

Competitor Overview

We will examine the links pointing to your competitor’s website to check to see if there are any trends your competition is aware of that you might not be utilizing. We will look at your competition’s social interactions (i.e. Facebook shares/likes, Tweets, Stumbles, etc.) to determine which have contributed to their online success.

How search engine friendly is the structure of your competitor’s web site? Have the search engines found a large percentage of the pages that actually exist on their website(s)? If so, it could be that their web site structure is helping them win online. We will outline our findings and provide live online examples wherever applicable.

What organic keywords are your competitor’s focusing their marketing on? Using a variety of analytical and statistical methods we will put together a comprehensive list of the keywords for which your competitors chose to focus advertising dollars.

After showing you the competitor overview we will conclude with summary recommendations. The goal is to drive more conversions and ultimately sales to your website.

Pricing: $899 – $1299

1 Time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Let us know what your ideal target market is, where on Google you want your website to be found, just how fast you want the business to grow, and let us go to work! We will formulate a SEO plan designed to meet these goals and once we have your blessing we will optimize your site and upon completion pass on a comprehensive plan for you and your colleagues to follow into the future.

Pricing: starts at $1499

Pay Per Click or Pay to Play 

Simply put is pay to play, whether you are a new site looking to increase exposure fast, or a well-established business looking to increase revenue in a time sensitive manner. This form of advertising is a boom to your business. One of the many upsides to PPC campaigns is you are seen by potential consumers regardless of your websites ranking, so even if you are not Google’s #1 squeeze your name is still out there!

Pricing: $200 per month per ad platform plus 14% of spend.

Video Creation

Do you need a custom video made? We can have a videographer to your door within a few days. Adding this personal touch to your website can build trust as well as show off your talents; two key facets that lead to higher sales. Even if you are the shy type that doesn’t like to be on camera, we highly recommend that you add a video to your home page. Stand out from your competition and show people there is a real person behind your brand!

Pricing starts at: $1499 for a professionally shot and produced video at your location (all of the US and Canada).

DIY Analytics

Are you looking to set up and/or get more out of Google Analytics? Maybe you just ran into a bump in the road and need some trouble shooting assistance? Look no further than ShelterSEO where you can request a custom video put together by our certified Google Analytics expert that will walk you through this often overwhelming process from start to finish.

Pricing: customized upon request but usually starts at $250

Social Media Training 

Social media marketing broadly describes the application of effective marketing strategies on social media properties. Each social site like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest has unique characteristics and etiquette that require different strategies in order to create a positive outcome. Our social media training will help you take advantage of these conventions to promote your brand’s differentiation, services and/or products. We will simplify everything to help you fit social media into your business day and reach realistic and desirable goals.

Pricing: a single 1hr phone consultation can sometimes do the trick which is just $149. A more comprehensive service is available that includes campaign creation and training; the fee starts at $899

Website Renovation 

Could your website use a refreshed look? Perhaps it would benefit from the new mobile-friendly functionality built-in to websites today? Every way you look at it there are huge benefits to renovating a website and that includes having ShelterSEO do the work for you. Our programmers work exclusively with WordPress which allows us to provide you with a website using the most cutting edge technology while being as easily editable as a Word document. If you are interested in a no-obligation chat just give us a ring or drop us a note and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Pricing: the pricing here can range widely but it generally starts at around $1199 and tops out at $1899.

Website Management

We take the pain out of managing your website. From textual updates to being your tech-heads when you need help with your hosting providers, we can do it all and we do it with a smile. The service can be a one-time based request or it can be a monthly maintenance service (which is the most popular).

Pricing: the pricing ranges depending on the needs of the client and his/her site but $299/mo is a reasonable estimate.

WordPress Website Management

WordPress is a phenomenal platform we love dearly; however, it needs to be maintained to ensure it isn’t hacked by nefarious hooligans. Maintenance is far from rocket science but it can be more than you have time for and it can quickly lead into technical territory if anything doesn’t go smoothly. Our job will be to make sure your site is kept updated to limit the risk of hacking and we will monitor your website to ensure it stays online. On top of all of this we can handle everything we offer in our Website Management service. This is truly WordPress Website Management at its best.

Pricing: the pricing ranges depending on the needs of the client and his/her site but $299/mo is a reasonable estimate.